PHP began as a set of CGI scripts written in C that made it easier to handle web forms and communicate with databases. In 1994, web development was just beginning, and there wasn’t much that was “easy” about it. Is under Envato, an australian-based company that provides both written and video coruses to teach people skills in a variety of topics. This may vary according to opinions, workflow and ways of different PHP developers out there. For some logical programmers, learning PHP is only a skin on the pig. A logical programmer who knows the logic of a project usually dissects it into logical components and elements and then orders the operations to be use before finally coding it in a language.

PHP developer roadmap

This tutorial will go through each of the critical places where an aspiring back-end PHP engineer should search for excellent skills. Use the back-end PHP engineer guide to start your dream job. Learn how different careers use AI to boost productivity and efficiency while saving time and effort.

PHP beginner projects

You can also be hired by other companies because all companies usually use frameworks implemented with MVC architecture. By the way, their framework may be specific which you will learn about in the first few days of the job, and then you can connect with the rest of the team. Or the company may use a ready-made framework such as Laravel or CodeIgniter. These frameworks are exactly like the framework you created, except that they are much bigger and have more features. Since you are familiar with MVC, in less than 1 month, you can find a relative mastery of them and get ready to send a resume and start working in that company.

The high response rate of the project is due not only to the servers but also to high-quality code. Sometimes to increase it, it’s enough to reduce the number of requests to the database or to remember the result of heavy calculations. You will find interfaces for organizing them in the PSR-6 and PSR-16 standards. And choose the final caching mechanism depending on the project. There are tons of tools in IT to ease programmers’ workflow and make a product more efficient. But in the very beginning of honing PHP that might be such a puzzle to pick the right direction and instruments to learn first.

PHP Backend Roadmap

You’ll also want to create a LinkedIn profile, because recruiters often turn to the platform to find candidates for programming jobs. Including terms like “PHP Developer” and links to your PHP projects will help ensure you show up in their search. Plus, you can ask your peers and other developers you worked with to endorse your skills on LinkedIn. In practice, the idea of ​​using this language is to decrease the loading time of the pages, allowing the server to work more smoothly to load plugins and applications on websites.

PHP developer roadmap

But these are a little bit harder and time consuming to learn. These are used to write JavaScript in a more easier format and basically allows you to develop web apps faster and easier. So, that’s why learning a js framework is absolutely important these days. Now, what i recommend is to learn react because it is the most indemand framework these days and also very popular.

Stories to Help You Grow as a Software Developer

So, at this point you are done with the frontend part and now let’s move to the backend. You have almost no limitation and your application will work well, with the best quality and security, and any other programmer can understand how you worked and develop or fix your application. Learning PHP from the very beginning and creating a simple online store app that works with the MySQL database has an admin panel and performs CURD operations. All this without the use of Class, OOP, MVC, and frameworks, only using the basic concepts of PHP and combining it with HTML codes. PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages in web development. There’s no shortage of work for PHP Developers, and your skills will always be in demand.

PHP developer roadmap

Programmers can also use the open-source facilitator to further improve PHP, eliminating any kind of glitches, bugs, or even working on performance optimization. This is a very common practice in the PHP community, which is proactive in sharing updates so that everyone can use the enhanced versions. SQL injections are more common than you might think, and unless you want a big headache later, sanitizing your database entries is the only way to fix the problem.

Getting a PHP Developer job

Recruiters could find you and contact you before you even start searching. If not, there are always openings for PHP development jobs. Once your skills are up to par, the next step is to showcase them in a resume. Your resume will serve as your first impression to recruiters and hiring managers when you’re applying to jobs, so you’ll want to ensure it illustrates why you’re the best person for the role.

  • Watching the PHP white screen of death is never helpful except to know that something is seriously wrong.
  • This course has 2 hours of video content, but you will learn a lot in this language that will help you style your website.
  • Now, Once you are done with the fundamentals, then at some point you will need some frontend frameworks that will definitely make your life easier.
  • Developers on these platforms customize them by building plugins and themes that interact with their APIs.
  • Holders are segregated from one another and must pack their own products, libraries, and design records; they can only communicate with one another through highly specific ways.
  • There are so many solutions in the market so it’s even hard to list and not to forget any.

One of the main concerns of programmers is the complexity that their web applications will have, since the more resources they have, the more data they will begin to manage. Sites with a variety of visual details, e-commerce stores, and other large web projects tend to need a large amount of information when they are active. is a community effort to create roadmaps, guides and other educational content to help guide developers in picking up a path and guide their learnings. Your very road map to success in your PHP learning curve!

Road Map #2: Get a Web Hosting Server or Install an Offline Web Server like Xammp or Wampp

These days a lot of companies, especially those having small teams, preferably use Serverless architecture. This course has 26 hours of video content and will help you master the PHP language from scratch as a beginner and then move to create a POS sales project. It will use the MySQL database for building the project and storing the website data. It requires you to have a basic understanding of the front-end language. Learning how to insert, view, update, delete (also known as CRUD) on the database is a good start.

As it is an open-source language, PHP does not incur costs for programmers who want to work with it, which is a great advantage, especially for those who work independently. This represents opportunities to develop general applications for the web, without any legal problems with the founders of the language. When your project is launched, it is important to monitor its “health”. Monitoring is a simple and useful tool that will give you answers to all these questions. The PSR-3 standard describes the interface, and Monolog will save you from having to write your own logging service.